When we are trims, satisfied and so we are and trusting of our capacity to achieve objectives, the way as we were related to the people usually she is transparent and honest; we approached them to share we valued and them by the simple fact of being human, of to have been born. This is what is called " relation primaria" , bonds that are based on sharing what we are. On the contrary, when our Maps, the learnings that we bring filed in the memory, say to us that we are not able, when our Self-esteem is debilitated, we tend to establish bonds from the material interest, from utilitarismo. It is then when it stops concerning the person to us and we happened to pay attention to the benefit that can provide to us. We happen to ask what it contributes to us, which we can obtain from them. This it is the type of relation that is known like " relation secundaria". From the Devaluation we are timid or aggressive. The balance, the firmness, the honesty, that is to say, the Assertiveness are solely possible in the Autoestimada person One remembers to us in addition, that to reach significant profits in the interrelations it is taken into account, the first step to extend like it is to share in deep form the being and the love, to go beyond itself, to connect themselves to deep I of the other or the others To develop to the creativity and the imagination takes to the person to a total expression of she herself in here and now, whichever it is its activity and to live in greater health, happiness and car-expression. Committing itself with a cause, movement, idea mission, etc., something that lasts through the years; causing the individual it adds part of which it will survive to him is living beyond him; when a poem writes that somebody can read a century after its death, it lives in a transcendental form; when it collaborates with a group, or family, society, community, institution, etc., extend the act to extend gives a new meaning to the life and this one, as well, impels to obtains high levels the more of positive projection.