These measures had radiated for some countries (also in the Regimen of Getulio Vargas), that also they tried forms to brighten up the crisis that beat its door (in some already it was in the supper room). With a complicated world-wide panorama it is finished creating a scene I propitiate for 2 world-wide war in the Europe. Initially as the conflict it was it are of its territoriality and had little pressure for the entrance of U.S.A. in the war without itself. With the possibility of the arrival of the war ' ' Monroe&#039 doctrine; ' one more time it is applied (if some time it left of being applied), U.S.A. with ' ' politics of good vizinhana' ' , it creates initiatives for ' ' ajudar' ' its poor neighbors of continent to protect the American them in war times. With the ideal of that ' ' America for americanos' ' they start to be searched strategies to defend the continent, with the creation of military bases in diverse American countries (also Brazil). With mechanisms of anti-americanista propaganda the nazistas had forced to U.S.A.

will take it measured by caution and had had until to negotiate with some countries Latin American not to lose its influences and ranks in the region. After 2 war the main focus of U.S.A., leaves of being Latin America and turns over for the devastada Europe and needing aid politics and financier to reerguer itself. This vision of priority for the hard Europe until middle of the years 1960, not that U.S.A. had left to exert its influence in the region in this period, however it aimed at the Europe mainly. The American influence already if does not restrict Americas, more from this period the world starts if it becomes of certain dependent form of them in a point any. In the years of 1950, the politics of nip with the South-american countries, happens with the visit of the American vice-president Richard Nixon.