The mass media seem to be a mystery for many people and the newspapers of the World much more seem to be mysterious, since nobody ” ve” to the journalists, unlike the journalists of the television. In addition the newspapers only appear in the patios and the frames of the houses. Then, how work the newspapers? This article will discuss how the newspapers of the United States are constituted most of. The newspapers and newspapers usually have an administration department, that covers the high direction, human lists, accounting and resources, a department of the news, where the reporters and photographers, a production department, that is where the paper was prepared for the press, a department of publicity and circulation, that takes care of the subscriptions and the deliveries of newspapers. The news really begins in the editing room. Where the certain reporters cover ” ritmos” , or areas, such as the city council or in the court of the county. The reporters of newspapers meet and write histories about their investigations.

The majority of the departments of the news has a head of department of the news for each ” segmento” , the economic ones, the sport ones, and so on. The heads of these departments are the publishers. They see finished histories, and correct or suggestions for finally, to send them to the copy table. The new service of copy reads histories the grammar and the spelling it puts, them in the page, and it sends weak impressions to the writing head. The articles are on approval again and soon they will be sent to the typography which is in its majority handled by the computer, but from time to time when the necessity arises to make an announcement special or any other will be made by hand in great and made leaves manually.

When all the pages have been sent, and the typographies in their point, the head of press room initiates the press, and in about 60 seconds, the first documents begin to leave. These usually are not good copies, since the press will have to be calibrated for the color and the registry during the execution of press. Acontinuacin, returns to the table of publishers whom they avoid, that sees the errors again, and the newspapers are packagings and envoys to the transporters. Although the newspapers are dedicated to inform to the public one on vital subjects and events of interest of the community, continue being the companies and need to cubir expenses. Therefore, the newspapers receive by publicity. The people or companies can pay to place announcements, with the advantage of which the newspaper will give the space them that is arranged to pay. The journalists of newspapers usually have a university title in journalism or a related field, such as English or arts of the language. Many people do not think about the journalists like creative people, when in fact these write because that is what they like to do. The majority of the personnel of press newspapers feels that the responsibility trusts to say the truth to them and to take very in serious that to have.