This is one of the Traditional tourist destinations, where gathers the Argentine population, to spend their vacation, fish, and breathe the clean mountain air treatment. That also attracts people and what you can find here? Just want to make a reservation, in the province of Cordoba you can not find anything trendy or super modern. The province is dotted with small towns with low buildings and narrow streets. In most places, the town center consists of a 3.4 square with commercial locales along the sidewalk. Away from these central streets is not worth nothing attractive you will not see. Except for private houses built individually depending on the taste of owners. The original facades of the houses and land in front of them, decorated with palm trees, colorful shrubs and a variety of flowers in pots, is a beautiful spectacle and gives the impression of comfort and peace Given the characteristics of mountain air and wonderfully beautiful places, tourists come here in large numbers. Municipalities small cities, towns and villages come up with a variety of holidays, festivals, concerts and fairs in your area attracting so tourist masses.

However, all this is mainly in the summer, when children do not have classes in schools. Local residents and say that they earn in the summer and winter are forced to miss and then spend all that earned in a season. It is not surprising that in the summer prices soar, not only for hotel rooms. Here is a list of the biggest events: january Fiesta Nacional de la Doma y el Folklore held in the city Jesus Maria (Jesus Maria), in the second week of January.