Keep our homes clean lines is not easy since we are daily with bad smells, obstructions and leaks and all this causes that it cannot keep and have the pipes clean all the time. We know that the old pipes have great risk deteriorate, almost always when pipelines are damaged is because they have large amount of waste, garbage. So this does not happen, so as not to damage the piping is necessary to clean them regularly, constantly. Experts agree in saying that people who do not clean the pipes is because they believe that it is a process that takes a long time and that is difficult. But these same experts recommend that they are checked and cleaned at least once a month to avoid worse evils. Without a doubt one of the most cumbersome themes is waste that dropped by the drains, we can prevent it avoiding those remains of food or hair from falling out because if they drop it is possible to form a mixture with salt, lime and other substances that will produce that jam, however if that is has already, it is very likely, we will have to go to the chemical cleaners, always carefully end since they are very toxic. That pipeline to better penetrate one of the tricks is to boil the chemical drain cleaner, but before we must also take precautions as protecting us from the steam that emanates from the mixture and especially read the instructions for use of the product for not having any problem and that the product is effective. Sometimes what happens is that binds objects in the toilet or the sink to Unclog an object having us to tie a towel around the brush and move it from the top down making pressure so that the object can Unclog. If what happens is that it is stuck in the sink we for example use a rubber plunger either boil crystals of sosa in very hot water. If you do not dare to carry out these tricks, the best is that you call an expert of cesspooling in Madrid and Barcelona not passes nothing if you can not do it, is as if ye pusierais to make stained glass, best we leave it to professionals, right? Original author and source of the article