I had one and carried it with him everywhere. Now he is the proud owner of the variety of colors and loves to play with his friends with them Buy bakugan online. Excellent I bought this item for my five year old son and his friend. They both love it (as do a bunch of their friends!). Buying Information for this toy I looked all over our city for this and it is sold out everywhere but I was in Sams Club and they have a bonus pack for $26 which Jersey chelsea have the travel mat included.

Just alittle cheaper than some of the internet pricing I seen seen. Toys get popular, prices double. Its shameful. Amazon is relatively cheap tho. Bakugan Bakugan Battle Pack pack is exactly what my are was looking para. The product was in great shape & shipped fast. I was so pleased because you just can’t find these in the store t.

He plays it all of the time. Playing the game involves a constant adding & subtracting of #s perfect for a 4th grade boy Fun Toy Bakugan Starter Pack I bought this for my 11-yr old nephew. It was a big hit. These are impossible to find in stores right now. It was great to be able to just go online and order what I wanted. Amazon takes a lot of the pressure out of being a great aunt! My son is crazy for this toy All my 8 year old are wanted for his birthday is Bakugan. (Do are you still asking What is Bakugan?) All the stores in my area were sold out. I was very pleased when I was able to order it online. I was extremely happy when he opened his present! It’s the hottest thing at his school and all I’ve talked about for months. My only complaint would be the price seems high for what it is.