Therefore here back I has left again, for all those that you missed notes, or just to remind you of it. Amino acids are nutrients that they form the basis or raw proteins and their classification will depend on if are essential, non-essential or particularly essential.? ESSENTIAL amino acids are classified into three groups essential amino acids not essential amino acids especially essential amino acids:-Leucine: along with other amino acids as the Isoleucine intervenes in the formation and repair of muscle tissue. He collaborates in the healing of skin and bones. -Isoleucine: it is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin and maintains the balance of glucose in the blood. It intervenes in the energy production and repair of muscle tissue.

-Valine: it promotes the growth and repair of muscle tissue. Maybe, within amino acids, very useful to reduce appetite and bulimia.?A supplement with this amino acid has allowed me to support has patients in these processes. -Tryptophan: precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin.This amino acid also acts as natural antidepressant, promotes sleep and cases of anxiety can also be improved. Useful in therapy against alcoholism. -Phenylalanine: belongs to the Group of amino acids that help our body to maintain levels suitable of endorphins that are responsible for the sense of well-being. This amino acid reduces excessive appetite and helps to soothe the pain. -Methionine: its deficit may cause some types of edema, cholesterol and hair loss. -Threonine: assistance in the processes of detoxification with the amino acids methionine and aspartic acid.

It also participates in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. -Lysine: it participates together with methionine in the synthesis of the amino acid, carnitine and helps to treat or prevent the herpes. It increases with arginine, the production of growth hormone. -Histidine: it is an amino acid precursor of histamine.You can help improve arthritis Rheumatoid, ulcers and allergic symptoms in some cases.