To a pole we have denominated it transoccidental and to the other intrawestern. We have chosen neutral denotations but the possible thing, because colorful others but can border on the pejorative thing. Although Kusch, has tried neither the allegory nor the denotations, the content of its production allows to make inferences like which we do. In the transoccidental pole we visualized the pre-Columbian ethnic groups, and to the interweaving of those ethnic groups, with the African compulsive migrations and cuasi compulsive arrivals from Europe and of Near East. There is rasero common of arcaicidad in all these amalgams, that are of an increasing demographic majority.

In the intrawestern pole, we located to which Kusch identified with the middle-class of the great harbor cities of America, the one that they come assigning critical or acrticamente to the conceptions and the originating devices than indifferently western culture or American or judeo-cristiana Euro is denominated. Here the varieties of socialisms, liberalisms, cristianismos and fascisms have capacity, of his antagonistic ones to each other. This pole is minority and demographically decreasing, although it monopolizes all the formal institutions you publish and private of the continent. Bolivia is the place where the quantitative majority of is exacerbated transoccidentales and intrawestern the quantitative minority of . Between transoccidentales, is overwhelming the majority pertaining to the different pre-Columbian ethnic groups. ; being hegemonic among them, quechua it will aymar and it. Kusch, became echo and outlined, the almost insurmountable cosmovisional breach between both poles.

Pags Larraya reaffirmed, it with its investigations, fitted in which psychiatric Epidemiology denominated . The present one to occur Bolivian, is not but that the update of that intrinsically antagonistic situation, that goes back to the arrival of the conquerors and Spanish and Portuguese evangelizadores to these regions. One would say that these successive crossed intrawestern, at least in Bolivia, has been as unfruitful as luctuosas.