The fight against doping. Women and sport. Protection to the young athlete. The training of managers and sports specialists. Programs of support and promotion of the sport of people with disabilities. The field of science and technology applied to sport.

Sports medicine. Sponsorship and sport sponsorship. The Organization of sporting events. (f) degree of compliance with budgetary and program and activities in previous editions (up 1 point): items object of grant. shall be considered eligible expenditure, those that respond directly to the nature of the activity, with the following restrictions: transportation: under the conventions, as a general rule, the country move technicians or athletes to other countries, will pay for the travel expenses to the international airport nearest to the place where the activity is carried out. Exceptionally, the costs of moving to Spain, aimed at technicians, experts or from athletes from countries with special economic difficulties may be included.

Accommodation and meals: also in General, under the conventions, the host country, should be the cost of accommodation and meals. As in the previous heading, and exceptionally, for countries with economic difficulties, may include these expenses, still being performed activity abroad. Pocket money destined for the Spanish technicians who go to countries in developing, in the case of training courses or perform consultants (65 euros gross per day). Medical insurance. Translations: If to carry out an activity, other language interpretation services were accurate, the expenses of translation or interpreter may include. Sending of technical, sporting or educational material: based on anticipated requirements, as a complement to the courses or consultants to perform. Any other expenses directly derived from activity and that duly motivated, deemed essential for the realization of the same. Room. Documentation, execution of requests and term.