How would you like to get along better with others in their personal relationships and in the workplace? Getting Along with the sounds of a general nature and is difficult to do much, so let's break it down into some manageable and specific skills. By building the following skills, you get along with others: 1. To build capacity for other-esteem. 2. Show empathy for others. 3.

Encourage people to cooperate with each other. 4. Communicating assertively. 5. Ask questions and demonstrate productive listening skills. 6. Respond productively to emotional states. People Skills (also known as emotional intelligence) can be thought of as six specific skills.

Let's take a brief look at each one. 1. To build capacity for other-esteem. When you are in a situation where they are made to feel good about yourself, you feel good. You can do the same for others by doing the following kinds of things: a. Make eye contact with others. b. Others call it by name. c. Ask others their opinions. d. I commend the work of others u. e. Tell people how much they appreciate. f. Write notes of thanks when someone does something worthwhile. g. Make people feel welcome when they arrive at your home or workplace. h. Pay attention to what is happening in the lives of people. Recognize the achievements and express concern about difficult life situations such as illness, death and accidents. i. Introduce your family members to acquaintances when you meet them in public. j. Encourage your loved ones to explore their talents and interests.