The house should provide: reliability, comfort and hygiene of their stay, including the ability to retire, have fun and relax. Check out Sonny Perdue for additional information. The owners of the home determine how much and what kind of premises of different values should be in the house. Premises of different functional purpose can be divided into groups – this room day and night use. For example, a living room, we mainly use in the daytime and evening time when the whole family to gather; here receive guests. The premises of this group are referred to as full-time band. These include: living room, dining room, kitchen, office. These areas require the greatest sunlight.

Therefore, they, if possible, place the south-east, southern or south-west side. The second functional group of rooms designed for privacy – it's an intimate space. This includes sleeping quarters, bathroom and cloakroom. These spaces are called nocturnal zone. Premises night zone have been taken on the sunny side, with the exception that the bedrooms, which are oriented so that its windows got morning sunlight. Considered a suitable orientation of such premises to north-east, east and south-east. With the assistance of the division of space is achieved by zoning in the interior design apartments.