When the women become heavier, its wage tends to fall. It seems that the employers tend to judge to the women on the base of the portrayed ideal image in the magazines that are an example of very thin models. For the men, the situation is different. Thin men, those whose weight is inferior to the average, tend to win less money than those of normal weight. Nevertheless, the men with a light overweight tend to make money still more. This means that the men can, once again, to leave with hers to have something of overweight.

Nevertheless, this also has a limit that the obese men tend to make less money. Fat people can be difficult to be chosen President The speculation on the possible candidacy to the presidency of the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, created an article alluvium and segments of television that discusses if the United States were ready to choose a fat president. Whereas president 27 of William Howard Taft, was fat, was chosen in a while before the television was invented and before we had a great variety of channels of the news with little of what speaking, besides wasting the time with this subject. I must say that it gives shame me that this at least was discussed. It seems to me that if a man is able to be a popular governor of New Jersey, its perspective for the president it does not have to be discarded due to its weight. The problem is that it can generally say something on people. We can see less effective, able fat people like, and can be considered that its health is an unstable condition in which prohibits them to hold important positions. As this article indicates, Taft was a great president and profit much during its mandate.