Beach rest in Russia, as it were, is popular with the majority of our fellow citizens. First, a basic version of the summer holiday, if you have not yet made a passport. Secondly – the habit, but as it turns out, is not a bad habit. Coming each year to Anapa, a crowd watching moms and dads with children of different ages, the beaches are full, queues at the numerous restaurants and cafes. Same thing happens in Sochi and .

Yet Krasnodar Territory – the pearl of Russia. Not only the coastline attracts, but also the nature! Centuries-old juniper forests, national parks and game reserves, the Caucasus mountains, waterfalls, lakes and much more. Many of these places archaeological sites and historical monuments. Many of this and have no idea, but worth at least a little interested in this side, and you'll be amazed. All sorts of excursions to waterfalls, to the dolmens in with visiting the "Old Park" in – will open for you a lot of interesting things. Many people, vacationers here for several years, little is known about the region, its history and landmarks, and that's really interesting. Remedy this omission is simple enough to get you like sightseeing program, during which talk about the stories and legends Gorgippia, Phanagoria in ancient times, and so much more interesting.