Every marriage is based on the intention on the part of two people to build a project of common life, that both spouses intend to develop the best possible way. However, many times the initial hopes and expectations and are broken by reality. In fact, many times the routine or ongoing discussions to join the couple in a kind of anxiety from which escape might be very complicated and may even lead to its final rupture, although both spouses may seek to look away. Then we will show several clear signs that often occur in bars before the break of a couple. Knowing them, and honestly and objectively assessing whether they occur in your marriage, you can determine where exactly you meet your partner and you. 1. There are obvious problems of communication between you.

Disappeared long ago that complicity between them, giving way to a cold and distant relationship, which only you know, or want to know details of the life of another person. 2. In line with this, there are many secrets that you separate. It is no longer common that no aspect of your day to day, but there are aspects voluntarily of your own individual lives who prefer to preserve the other person. 3. Passion is already a thing of the past.

Just intimates, and when you do your meetings are marked by routine. 4. The nerves of the two are close to the surface. Given the slightest opportunity either could erupt, beginning a bitter argument for no reason something. You have lost the ability to speak in a sound and reasoned about the issues that concern you, and the first change your disputes occur. 5. Night phone conversations are produced by anyone suspected of both, or either one is absent from home without justification, or delete certain e-mails systematically compromising. These are all signs that either could be having an extramarital affair, which is a clear sign that your relationship does not hold water everywhere. If you had noticed several of these symptoms in your marital relationship, you should consider having a serious conversation with your partner where plan all possible options. If the degree of deterioration of your relationship is not too deep, a temporary separation (indeed), in which one of the two left the home for some time, could be very positive, and give time and space to meditate deeper what to do.