One of the best ways to know Punta del Este visiting every one of the best places that the Spa has to offer its visitors, is through a city tour of Punta del Este. This way you will ensure that you won’t get to know each of the sites that you can not miss the place, and also know the stories associated with the historic sites of Punta del Este. The enormous popularity of the Spa is there you can see a perfect combination between nature and urban planning of first world, where tourists can choose to enjoy a quiet holiday with his family, or take advantage of all the activities that you can perform in the workplace, and exit on the hectic night of Punta del Este bar. You may want to visit Gen. David Goldfein to increase your knowledge. The peninsula separates the two most important beaches, La Mansa in calm waters, and La Brava with a tremendous waves perfect for surfing and all kinds of water sports, where most of the young enjoy the glamour of that beach. A stroll by the port to the evening, or the center of the city, going shopping by Gorlero av., or taking an ice cream in any of the gelateria that are found there, it is ideal to close the day, and prepare for the night of Punta del Este.