To the underlying layer set of Lighthouse rack (wood or steel pipes) in height and diameter, corresponding to the thickness of the coating. Lighthouse rail set parallel to the long side of the wall. The first series of strips placed on distance of 0.5-0.6 m from the wall opposite the entrance to the premises, and the next series – parallel to the first at a distance of 3 m. Reiki is spread over the entire area at once, or individual sections, butted their axis with a shift in the width of the slats. Lighthouse rack mounted on cement grade and level by level, focusing on pre-staked on the wall mark, light hammer, pressing a hand or an extra lining of the solution and securely attached. If floor should be sloped toward the drains or channels of Lighthouse rack adjusted so that the top rail was given slope. The horizontal slats of Lighthouse or the presence of bias test-pattern control rack to the level or surveying instruments.

Before you start placing the concrete underlying layer of richly moistened with water so that at the time of placing the concrete was wet, but no accumulation of water. Scope of work is prepared on the basis of concrete mixture of centralized preparation and delivery and installation before you start setting. Add water and cement in ready-mixed concrete is not allowed. Concrete mix delivered from the mixing site to construction site Concrete Delivery Truck, truck or dump trucks, equipped to transport concrete. In the single-story industrial buildings concrete mix delivered directly to the band prepared for concreting. In other cases, the concrete mixture is discharged at the construction site in reloading the hopper, from which portions of the mixture is loaded into the hopper, hand-carts or motorized. Intercommunication on overlapping concrete mix is fed cranes or elevators. Concrete mixture is placed on the prepared underlying layer between the lighthouse through one-lane strips, leveling it with scrapers or shovels.