Tradition event with five space news and a rich program! City Rhede 20,000 inhabitants in the Western Munsterland celebrates their Rheder fair 2012 for the emails in a file time. Albert Ritter, President of the German of amusement Federation (DSB) and the European Showmen Union (ESU) the established tradition event recently called “the probably most street fair in the Munsterland” and thus definitely fully met in the black. Just since the 1980s, the event in Rhede in entertainment circles has established and regularly high quality attractions may be required. 2012 Alone, there are five premieres on the Rheder funfair. On the square Festival in the Kalleda rhinestone there to see two new products for Rhede: the TRANSFORMER of company Schmidt from Stuttgart, unique in driving process, presentation and Rekommandation is with his three overlapping rotations with integrated flips in any case also in Rhede enthusiasm ensure (a picture gallery of the transformer You will find here: transformer in Oberhausen 2012). Also, the impressive FUNHOUSE HAPPY FAMILY under the new owner of Heinen Debuts at the fair square. Wobble floors, treadmills and a giant spiral slide at the end are just three of 32 locations, which pass the visitors here and providing maximum entertainment. Also on the Festival square the Zierer wave flight Wendler, the bumper by Petter and the 38-metre wheelchair accessible Ferris wheel are Caesar’s WHEEL of Landwermann and Henschel.

The Kinderparadies Wendler, the children flying Star Trek Krenz and the Hippodrome circus world are available for younger visitors. The third premiere business for the Rheder fair can be found on the Bahnhofstrasse. There the presents itself for the first time beautifully designed magic CIRCUS CIRCUS by breakage / Grundler. The family round ride designed like a giant circus ring is no longer imagined by many grand places in Germany and is also a high-quality addition to the Rheder Funfair.