The Internet now is not earning just lazy. For many it is a small bonus to basic income, and for some money on the internet has become the main source of income. In this article I want to talk about the pros and cons earnings in the Internet compared to office work. We are talking about the scenario where the earnings of the Internet is completely replaces the usual job 'at my uncle'. What are the main advantages of such earnings in comparison with the usual work in office? 1. Self-employed.

No dependence on a superior, employer, etc. Get as much as he can earn. In fact, it's very much me thinking. 2. Completely manage their time.

Working in the mode in which you want to. Here, everything is obvious. No need to get up every day at 7 am at work, do not anybody ask for leave on vacation, no need to arrange time off, there is no fixed 8-hour workday. In short, You can work all you want, whenever you want, in the mode in which you want to take vacations when you want and how you want and t.d.eto estluchshy and earnings on the Internet. Interestingly, when this mode is much less tiring, even if you work more. The secret is that you can work at a pace that is comfortable. Just not all comfortable to get up early in the morning, not everyone can run for several hours without a break, etc. And the work came in and like it or not should work. And the normal break did not really do. And even if the mood is not good or bad you feel, you still have to work. Here, you specify only mode.