Us men, we are curious by nature and that curiosity is awakened by the need to adapt to the environment that surrounds us. This is one of the main reasons that led human beings to undertake their steps in the count, but… What were the main needs that led to humans to count: 1. adapt to the environment.? 2. Protect your assets. (needed to count them) 3. Distinguish the cycles of nature (need to feed themselves).

In principle, knowledge of the numbers by the man was reduced to a very small set, it is both that in primitive societies were: one, two, many. many of says three in latin, i.e. that its repertoire was only up to the number three, this was approximately four thousand years ago. The oldest system consisted of counting with fingers. But how note the result? Well what did was write down great numbers throwing chips in a bag, but realized then that were sufficient simple marks engraved on a tablet.

The Babylonians used brands in ways different to designate large numbers. Various symbols placed in different positions were sufficient to represent the largest numbers. As to the origin of the zero still dark. Certainly it exists in Hindu texts of the sixth century, which takes the form of a point. Greek astronomical writings, zero is represented by the letter or initial of the Greek word omdem: nothing. The current form of our figures, our decimal system, comes because of India from the West, through the mediation of the Arabs. But it is not until the 13th century that it penetrated into Italy, adopted by the merchants of Florence. His employment was not generalized until the 16th century. As you can see, mankind has invested several thousand years in Taming the number, and the science has become what is after some centuries. Mathematics is not made in a day and, moreover, his childhood is just far away from us. What is strange then, since men have taken so long to represent numbers and the? operations, that a student find some difficulties in this topic?. Finally, I hope this article on the origin of numbers you clarity, whole process that had to be met to make the mathematics of today, who are now, why advise tranquility students, when they try to understand complex subjects of mathematics, which should be borne in human understanding logical steps. Original author and source of the article.