January is the king of months for those looking to make a new start. After the reflections and indulgences of December, the excitement of a new year unfolding brings contemplation of better days. Unfortunately, for many, contemplation is where the party ends. As the clock more in February and then unwound in March, hopes for transformation begins to fade, the old habits return, along with the routines of the past years. Not because of a lack of enthusiasm or good intentions, of course, but rather a lack of knowing where to start. The best place to start. What can I say now may seem radical and a bit simplistic, but the best place to start is exactly where you are.

Take time to really think these words sink in that they contain the seeds of their personal greatness. "If only '. You've probably caught yourself thinking at one time or another what it would be like" if only "could start elsewhere. I know I've felt this way at different stages in the past. The type of internal reflections that I am talking about here are things like "if I had gone to the University ',' if my parents had not divorced ',' If I had more experience," then maybe, just maybe you need to have go after my dreams. If you are involved in this kind of dialogue, then start building your knowledge about him. Regardless of the experiences he has seen fit to enjoy or endure in the past, have a magic ingredient.