Thermal underwear for all? Over the last decade, the word "underwear" thoroughly established itself in our leksikone.Slova Kulmaks (Coolmax ), Termolayt (Thermolite ), Polartec (Polartes ) have become almost a household word. Often, we do not think about the properties those materials which they mean. For us the main thing – getting a positive effect when used clothes from these tissues. The main function of thermal underwear – to remove moisture from the body and keep warm. Achieved this result if you use a two-layer fabric. The lower layer removes moisture, the upper – evaporates moisture and retains heat.

An important factor in this case is the ability of the body skin to breathe. Material – should not cause allergies; cover – should be comfortable; seams – no need to traumatize the skin with prolonged use. Athletes and fans experienced well versed in this matter and, as a rule, use the elite luxury brands. On what they will be dressed, often depends on their successful performance, or life itself. But there is another category of people who would like to have in her wardrobe underwear, to get even more pleasure from your favorite hobbies: fishing, hunting, hiking, nature walks.

Those who can afford the means to buy the most expensive and prestigious. Others, not wasteful and are willing to take this opportunity to get a comparable effect for less money. Is this possible? Most of the known world termovolokon based on polypropylene. This framework, which can be modified to achieve the ultimate goal – whether it's water pipes, surgical threads, or water transpiration material.