It is enough at night to look at the covered with star sky and this question if it makes evident. In a imensurvel universe, at least so far, how many equal similar planets to ours, seno, will exist? It would not be much naivety to admit that we were the chosen ones for God to live in a planet of worthless dimensions compared with the universe? in a superior platform to this question another one becomes: Which our intention here in the Land? We live day-by-day in the biggest possible naturalness: we work, we receive, we pay, we laugh and we cry. Our world is here. But when in the fatigue of the end of the day, we look at for top and we see stars and the Moon, to the times we want to go pra there. To run away from the routine, the tiring life, boat and without logic; then we give account of that our world can not be the only one, but only part of a greater, one that we ignore. Carrier can provide more clarity in the matter. When the scientists search lives beyond Land, yearn for in finding beings physically livings creature, that is, one to be material; either one ' ' humano' ' , a bacterium or a virus. But and if to exist life in another form? One form that we ignore completely, the energy form.

In this in case that, we would not need to see to believe. But to feel to believe. If the life to exist in another form, or another dimension, the tangible substance for we it would not be for they and vice versa; in the truth, the other world could be, beyond Land, here exactly, next to us. It would be a parallel universe to ours, an energy universe that we do not understand but that we can feel; it is enough to be intent