The mendocina city of Godoy Cross is one of most important of the province, with more than 200,000 inhabitants. One is closely together of the capital city, Mendoza. But it has own character and enchantment. In Godoy Cross it emphasizes the presence of two of the most important warehouses of Mendoza and of the country. The traditional warehouse Navarrese Strap, referring undisputed in segment Premium the wine, has known to change with the times and today she is one from which more warmly it receives his visitors. Like all point of interest of the tourism in Mendoza, it counts for it with the invaluable aid of the imposing cordillerano landscape.

But the others are own merit. Their exhibition hall, its ample center of visitors of more than 800 m2, its warm wine bar and its two tempting rooms of tasting contribute to turn the visit to this warehouse into an unforgettable experience. With their synthesis of modernity and classic elegance, Navarrese Strap have known to find their place in the competitive international market. A pride that is reflected in each corner of its facilities, beautifully integrated to regional landscape. One of oldest and traditional of the province, the warehouse Escorihuela Gascn was founded in 1884. The star of the visit guided by its facilities is without a doubt its barrel constructed in France in 1910 and winning one of a distinction in the Industrial Fair of the Centenary, one of so many jewels hidden for the tourism in Mendoza. Specialized guides invite to cross the establishment, to pause in the ample gardens and to admire themselves with the delicate vineyards of fine grapes.

And by all means, they do not lack tastings, so that all go away contentments. Already in the city, it is possible to enjoy not only interesting strolls, but also best of the gastronomy and the hotel profession of Mendoza. In the gastronomical heading the Marchigiana, traditional restaurant with the best thing of the Italian kitchen stands out, with also soothes in the city of Mendoza. Imperdibles strolls? The beautiful and old church of San Vicente Ferrer, who after happening through successive locations and until undergoing an earthquake saturated finally, in 1912, in its present location, building of beautiful gothic style. Also the monument to the Dr. Godoy Takings Cross, patriotic outstanding of Independence, and the bust tribute to the tropero Soda, located both within the same church. The one of the heroic tropero is a truly exciting history, a memory to hoard of our vacations in Mendoza. Pedro Soda promised to general San Martin to travel with its troops to Buenos Aires to secure to provisions and arms for the Army of the $andes. And, in his eagerness to help the liberating cause, it hardly delayed in the way 45 days, half than normally it took the trip. One of the so many good moments that the tourism in Mendoza provides to us.