It is quite clear that there are genetic and hormonal factors involved. The increase in pollution may be another of these factors yet undiscovered. The reason is derived from an interesting study that examined the weight of the animals in the industrialized areas. The goal was to see if there is a corresponding increase in average weight between these animals which looks normally in human beings in the last half century or something like this. This result may indicate that environmental factors contribute to this increase. The study examined rodents and primates and found that an increase in the average weight of these animals existed. Even the animals that lived in research environments with a regulated diet showed a weight gain. As there were around 20,000 animals involved in the study, it seems that something in our environment is responsible for weight gain, to a certain extent.

Pollution and abdominal fat another interesting study in Ohio by examining mice that lived in a controlled environment, however, highly contaminated. The study compared two groups of mice, which are in a natural environment clean and those who are in a contaminated. Both groups were given a similar diet. The study found that only the presence of the air pollution caused an increase in the number of fat cells and the size of the abdominal area of the mice. All the studies so far have been in animals, since it is very difficult to isolate the effect of pollution on human beings.

You can compare those who live in a city with people in rural areas. So, for the moment, all the assumptions are based on animal studies. However, these studies do not support the theory that pollution can do that your seas more fat. The effect on the behavior of the contamination cannot be an indirect way in which the pollution makes it harder to lose weight and easier to increase. If you live in a city, you can have days in which smog is so heavy that physical exercise is not recommended, especially during the hours peak. This is because you are breathing much faster when you do exercises and, if the air is very polluted, this means that you would be taking more polluting unpleasant. This can make it harder to maintain an active lifestyle in a city than it is in the less industrialized and less contaminated areas. Of course, you can still go to the gym or doing exercises at home. The inconclusive conclusion No I am convinced that the air pollution makes that fat increase. The research is clear on that and I don’t focus my decisions in the theories. However, don’t be surprised to discover that pollution, in all its forms, does not contribute in human beings to the total increase in weight. The mechanism of how this, happens if this is the case, is not yet clear. Tips to lose weight, burn fat and get in the best shape visit > as burn fat from the stomach quickly.