In addition, narrowing the planning period up to one months, we can construct a detailed forecast of biting a month ahead in which the activity of fish is projected to the nearest minute. Having an accurate geo-referenced coordinates gps, very easy to recalculate the time of the bite to anywhere in the world. There may be a suspicion that the theory of the Knight refers mainly to the marine fish fauna. Not exactly. It is known that the movement of the moon are related Natural phenomena such as the ebb-tide. They have a very concrete impact on the activity of marine life. But not only them.

Freshwater fish as well feel the motion of the moon. In this case, the mechanism of this effect remains a mystery. Different fish are themselves differently and the effect of the moon on them differently. Thus, for central Russia, the most dependent on the moon fishes are: pike, chub, catfish. At the same time, biting catfish increased with the onset of the full moon. In contrast, perch and chub activated in times of a young, rising of the moon.

Impact on the pike a little more difficult to trace. This predator adheres basically a three-day cycles. Although, this "Jordan" pike occurs most often during periods of rising moon. It is clear that weather factors also strongly affect the biting fish. For example, high pressure stability in the summer – a bad bite. Low pressure (cyclone) – biting better. Fog – no bite at all. Fish feel the approach of cyclones and anticyclones. The highest activity of them and accordingly, the best bite is happening in a day or two before breaking weather. For example, before the arrival of a cold front, or vice versa, before the advent of warm. In any case, predict the weather for long periods of mankind has not yet learned, and short-term prognosis is poor assistant in planning a fishing vacation. In terms of trophy fishing, Knight's theory can not be overemphasized. Because 90% of all captured specimens of fish caught precisely during periods of activity, and fishing calendar today helps plan trips to the millions of anglers fishing.