Yes, and picked up the same huge amount of negative energy from the environment. And the world has of the material world to open a black hole, no matter the channel or even energy, but only about the ongoing catastrophe of matter and energy. Gravitational collapse serves as the mechanism that causes the positive energy of matter in interaction with the negative energy of space vacuum, which accompanied by their joint annihilation. A black hole opens when a positive energy enters into deadly contact with negative energy. And closes when the celestial body as a result of the collapse completely disappeared. Therefore, the life of every black hole is estimated minutes or even seconds. Black hole – the point at which ends the annihilation of positive energy of the collapsing star and the negative energy surrounding area. To the universe for billions of years has not ceased to exist due to complete disappearance of black holes, huge amounts of energy, you need to replenish, because the law of conservation of energy in Space is enforced rigorously. Where supplied the necessary energy to our universe? Perhaps NA Kozyrev is right: a white hole-black hole antipodes! His suggestion that white space through a hole in our Universe comes the energy can be explained by the continued expansion of the universe and the birth of new galaxies. Today, the Nobel laureate Stephen Hawking in his book "Black Holes and the young universe," writes about white holes as follows: "The physical laws are symmetric in time.