Good summer in the field! Smells like flowers. The air is clean and can be seen all around far, far away. And if you run up the hill, we see further. Vaughn field ends. Behind him stretches a forest.

Near the lake glitters, the road winds. And then again on the field more. Behind him, probably also have a timber and also roads, lakes, rivers, cities It seems that the Earth – a huge, flat cake, right? Top of cake covered the sky like a huge ceiling. During the day, the ceiling blue, and night – black. And the stars light up on it as far lanterns. The ceiling seems to round, like a huge dome, and he stands on the flat edges of the tortilla – the Earth.

If a very long walk on the earth in one direction, then perhaps we can reach a place where "the sky converges with the Earth. " But this is impossible. But in ancient times, people believed that it is possible. Very seriously considered. They believed that the sky – a large inverted bowl, and the Earth – a huge cake, which has the edge. And of course, They were curious as to what was next, "beyond the edge of the earth." But no matter how much walking or traveled people who've never been able to see them "the edge of the Earth, even from afar. Obviously, people have decided, cake, on which we live, so very big, probably, its edge are somewhere far away, beyond the high mountains of forests, the seas and get to them without Humpbacked Horse is very difficult.