Prof. Dr. Helmut Seitz, TU Dresden, empirical finance and financial policy, speaks of massive lobbying. See page 19:../kdrs075.pdf with a recent law change that has happened already Bundestag and Bundesrat remain the monopoly of the local master chimney sweep. In addition, the chimney sweep in direct competition with the SHK trade may occur. This can have disastrous consequences for the heating craft. Due to its monopoly, you have local master chimney sweep access to the data in the heating of the citizens. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gen. David Goldfein. Heater craft feared this information to the self-interest of the chimney sweep, to the detriment of the heating trade was used.

See:… ZVSHK (Central Association of plumbing heating air) on a functionary of the chimney sweep: “the chimney sweep company reported by the chimney sweep craft with your support at the Federal Cartel Office permits no other conclusion. This specifically indicates the commercial maintenance, inspection, operation and repair of heating systems (but also the sale of whole heating systems) as purpose. “You complain chimney sweep should participate in this nationwide company as a silent partner and cobble to these orders” ‘significant shortfalls in terms of quality of maintenance services’. A massive charge way SHK craft, however, used by you through anything. Link to rather deliberate misleading of the public…” The lobbyists of the heating craft and the chimney sweep monopoly fighting now suddenly publicly.

Chimney sweep reply SHK letter of October 27, 2008 “according to the surveys of 2007 of the chimney sweep craft about 340,000 security-relevant defects on newly installed and substantially modified combustion plants recorded. It relates to verifiable numbers.” How the Catholic Church painted the devil in the middle ages to the wall, to collect from the people with the sale of indulgences, so the chimney sweep try to scare the people with allegedly defective heaters. A quote from the years of 1937: “the local master chimney sweep identified in 1937 1 339 557 flammable defects at the fire site show, i.e., 1.3 million cases were preventing fire damage that could occur,”. see: 1935-0.jpg section Bavaria of the syndicate against the chimney sweep monopoly welcomes that resists the heating craft against the chimney sweep monopoly. We assume that chimney sweep for modern heating technology are largely useless and the expertise in the modern heating technology heating craft. Chimney sweep a cleaning professional, such as E.g. Street Sweeper, is mostly obsolete in modern heating technology for us. We ask the heating craftsmen to position itself clearly against the chimney sweep monopoly. Joachim Datko, Regensburg engineer, physicist syndicate against the chimney sweep monopoly – section Bavaria