During the period of unrest and social change mindset of people and do not joyful. And then at an opportune moment, the mood, I remember the idea of doomsday. Like all been waiting for this event in 1999! But, like, swept, and I live. Carried forth, but not quite. Visible to the naked eye, has changed world after the millennium.

At times increase in the number of natural and manmade disasters, the specter of terrorism in Top News for ten years, and people get up to this, like doomsday has occurred in their mind. In other words, the Earth is alive, but change for the worse there. These changes – the result of expectations of people, those images that are associated with the end of the world and the manifestation of which was expected by many in the late 20 th century. But, fortunately, people – is still mismanaging life events and nothing irreparable create failed. However, the next date of doomsday may meet more people who see change and increasingly admitting that the world is heading for the abyss.

A massive mood – this is great power. From time immemorial, the followers of all faiths, without exception, used the collective practice of forming mental images of events that they want to attract into your life. This is being done now – massive prayers in temples, chants, etc. However, now that's more ritual, devoid of understanding of the process. Goals, objectives and technology of these practices are lost. The main condition for realization of mental images – this is not to be tied to result, ie, do not feel any emotion about what you want. But, now, religious activities, mostly accompanied by very strong emotions. And react emotionally – it means there is binding, the dependence. Dependence give rise to tension and stress gives rise to the equilibrium forces that seek to neutralize the object and the subject of stress. Ie what 'passionate' wish – never get it, and get it, most likely the opposite. Today, just east of practice are most close to efficient. They use the so-called meditative state of mind and soul. However, even here, many fall into error – a state of meditation was the goal, although it is only tool, an intermediate step in the algorithm of the event the action of thought. Nevertheless, successful or not, but a person can affect reality through mental images. A group of like-minded people reinforce this impact repeatedly. 'Verily I say unto you, That if two of you agree on earth to ask for any business, something that would not have asked to them by my Father in heaven, For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them' (Matthew gl.18). So, everything depends on us, foolish creator of the universe. Not for nothing is said: 'They do not know what they do. " But this phrase was omitted the word and, as a result, we got an entirely different meaning. It says about a man who does not something going on there, cause some nasty does not understand what is happening at the same time, and, literally, works – or is in the process of creation. And creativity – a process that takes place in the mind, ie the process of forming mental images, which then are implemented (take on flesh, matter) into reality. Thus, the phrase should be: 'They do not know what they do reality'.