Advertising in magazines and newspapers is widespread and in terms of cost is second only to advertising on television. Advertising in newspapers less television. However, the playback quality of advertising in the original newspapers are usually low. Hence they placed in advertisements, are generally less attractive, and each edition has both a lot of these ads, and therefore the effect of any of them individually decreases.

Specificity of advertising in the press dictates the following specific approaches to its creation and placement: – headline should attract the consumer to give him new information, contain the main arguments and name of the product – do not be afraid of many words, because if they are all on the case, then the longest title runs even better than a short – the consumer is often inclined to take in information literally, so it’s better to do without negative returns, because in his memory may remain negative aspects associated with the subject of advertising – need to use simple, but a positive effect on all of the words such as ‘free’ ‘New’, etc. – in graphics is very valuable intrigue that draws attention – pictures are better than the picture, especially when they compare the state before and after the appearance, use of the product – a simple layout with one large illustration of the format of the magazine strip ideal advertisement in the press – make good use of them necessarily caption caption read – do not be afraid of long texts, because if the consumer interested in more detailed information, it is attracted by the headline will read the whole text – the text should be easy to grasp, without boasting, to present facts, not allegations – the credibility of the advertising increases if the photos and text reflect a picture of real life, eyewitness accounts, authoritative experts – it is not necessary to print the text light letters on a dark background it is difficult to read..