Football freestyle – skilful possession football, perform various tricks mostly legs. This discipline is compared with parkour, futbegom, skateboarding has appeared recently. The rapid development of Internet (Social networks and video services) provided an opportunity to see many that there is a separate sports discipline, the essence of which is to perform various tricks with a soccer ball. Therefore, more and more kids interested in football freestyle. Most of those who do tricks with the ball – schoolchildren and studenty.To is, on average, it's the guys (and even girls) aged 13-25 years.

In this discipline feints performed mostly feet, but also used his head, shoulders and chest. Hands are practically not used. Just a football freestyle 4 styles: Lovere – tricks are performed while standing Upper legs – execution of tricks on the head, neck, chest Sitting – tricks are performed while sitting Ground – rolling and execution of tricks on the ground Most initially takes an interest in football freestyle in order to learn effectively and efficiently to beat rivals in football. Although, here it is important understand that football has nothing to do with this discipline, except the ball, as the main freestyle is Lovere style and tricks of this style are not applicable on the football field. Therefore, the idea that if one person is able, he owns and another it is often erroneous.

Simply, there are times when people first see the football freestylers and believe that they are well-played football. Some in fact combines soccer and freestyle, but most or play on the middle level, or can not play. The true followers of football advise to pay attention to the style of Ground, in which there are many different shoals and tricks to help you trace the fun rivals. Others who are just interesting tricks with the ball can begin with the study of simple tricks of any style.