Since July 2000, it is also possible with a German working holiday visa to Australia to travel. The specialty of the visa may stay a year in the country and supplement the travel budget by work. In Europe there are many suppliers offering the so-called Work and Travel offer in Australia. In general, this term a package with flight, visas, insurance, the first in a backpacker accommodation and airport transfer is offered as a package. There is also a Job, Post storage and things like key rings and vouchers for a free beer.

In recent years, the Work and Travel well and as advertised, there are many young people who believe they should participate in such a program to come to Australia. It is of course without all the bells and whistles and behind many great deals put words to every open or can be easily solved differently. If you want a year in Australia should therefore be clear that the Work and Travel is nothing more than a working Holiday visa. This can conveniently apply for home via the Internet. Booking a flight is also not difficult. If you believe former working holiday makers, so see the job offers are not always perfect, and so in the end everyone has to himself where he finds something suitable. The best source is always other travelers and the best information exchanges are the hostels or backpackers. Here you can learn the latest rumors, tips, what tours are good and what is absolutely not to be missed. In order to prepare themselves to provide the reading of one or the other in Australia, Blog.